What to expect, when you’re expecting….Great Portraits

Lately I’ve received a LOT of referral business and that is AWESOME, but it made me reconsider the expectations new clients have for me.

Of course, they want great quality images that truly portray who they are, but for me that’s not enough! I expect the portraits I capture to really reflect the emotion hidden behind the eyes of my subjects! I want that flaming passion to rise, the excitement to glow, and the love to rush through each picture pouring onto the viewer in a way that is so textured its transports you!Shooting your star moments!

The easiest way to accomplish this is to make sure my clients enjoy their session and have confidence in me as their photographer. So it’s important that we chat a bit before we even meet to find out a little about each other. Then we chat some more when it’s photo time and throughout the session we talk, laugh, and play in order to lower barriers; truly displaying the person’s spirit.Shooting your star moments!

Other things I think clients are looking for are guidance; what to wear, how to pose, should we bring props? My honest opinion is that all of this is a matter of preference. Clothing shouldn’t be the center of your portraits (even if it’s the BIG day, you should always be the shining star, not your dress).

Pick clothes that look nice and are comfortable yes, but aren’t so busy or bright that they overpower YOU! Remember you wear the clothes not the other way around. I generally suggest items that arent too flashy (unless that’s what you like), keeping patterns to a minimum, complimentary makeup, jewelry that isn’t excessive in size, those kinds of things. Then I tell people don’t worry so much about poses, we’ll get to those when we get there, but if you find one you REALLY love we can totally include it in the session.
Props make a session fun and can add a little variety to the portraits you take, but keep it to a minimum (2 or 3 tops) or you’ll have more silly momento-like portraits and not enough of the ones you’d like to send out as wedding announcements or Christmas cards.
Shooting your star moments!

All in all, no matter who your portrait artist is, your session should be a reflection of you with an artist’s flair. Don’t stress too much over the small stuff. Have fun with your photographer and let the naturla smiles flow!

What do you expect from your Portrait Photographer?


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