And I’m Pinning!

It’s no secret in any creative career, you are only as good as you last bright idea.  This is why like other artist photographers, especially myself, are seemingly always on the hunt for their next muse.

Whether it be an expression of joy reflecting the warmth of the sun, the flapping wings of an osprey, or the symmetry of railings at the boardwalk there is inspiration everywhere.   And despite the dreary, cold gray of winter, I still find myself taking walks around neighborhoods in Pensacola, just to capture the sights.  On this exceptionally frigid day, though, I find myself more enthralled with none other than the infamous website, Pinterest!

Oh yes, pages upon pages of ideas for every search combination I can come up with ranging in difficulty from pro to oh hell I’ll give it a try!  Today’s visit started with a search for a particular milestone session that was set to be unique, but once the plethora of ideas was captured for that session, my color curious mind started searching for other themes lining my calendar waiting to come to life.

Needless to say, after 2 straight hours I have boards for nearly every month, PLUS a few other cute ideas with prop creations to last me until forever!

Have you completed a cute or fun idea you found on Pinterest? Share it in the comments below and check out some of mine

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Did you know?

Nothing really major today, just a random post of facts!   Hope you enjoy them!

Did you know:

*That I’m on Facebook?
It’s true; check me out at

*I offer package deals!
Check me out on Groupon, but  Don’t forget to “Like” my page for exclusives you wont see anywhere else!

*I’ve been in photography for a total of 5 years!
Yup, I started as a portrait photographer for a company associated with Walmart then took a LONG hiatus before learning more and going into business for myself!

*I shoot nearly everything!  Yes, I’ll photograph your 6 month old baby, 5 generations, and wedding day moments!!! Photography is truly a passion for me.  So much that I cry at the thought of ever having to give it up!

*Photography is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.  Pictures are an investment to your future.  They hold moments you’ll never get to live again…except in memory!  Each photographed moment is a chance to relive and share the laughter, joy, and excitement you felt on days long (or not so long) past.  Take a moment to splurge on them!

*Photo-artists don’t get enough credit.  Whether you’ve been a lens lover for 5 months or 50 years, people in general will not understand the sweat and tears (mainly from crying about the cost of education and equipment) that shed for the craft.   Despite minimizing my customer load to offer truly exceptional, unique service, I still put a full work week into my craft.  Every shot is a thought out reflection of my love for my art and well….I’m sensitive about it!

So did you like my “Did you Know” post?

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Give a little Boudi!

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and everyone is out hunting for the perfect gift.  What most people fail to realize is the perfect gift is not just some random thing; it’s yourself.  A hug, a kind word, or even a thoughtful gesture are usually enough on a day to day basis to let your special someone know just how you feel about them, but if you insist on going “all out”  why not do it with something timeless and creative like a Black Book they can keep forever or a gift certificate for the portrait session of a lifetime!



So go ahead and give a little “Boudi”….boudoir that is!#pensacolaboudoir #pensacolaportraits #pensacolaphotographer #pensacolaphotography #pensacolablackbook

Loving The Skin We’re In

Now my post today isn’t going to be a long one, but it is going to be important, so please make sure you read  to the end!  As women, we often struggle with loving our bodies. I know I certainly do, but I want to remind you that you were made with purpose and every inch of you fulfills that purpose each day.

The wrinkles on your face are for all the smiles and encouragement you’ve shared.  The “extra pounds” you put on over the holidays are from enjoying the food and people who’ve been baked with love! The exhaustion you feel at night is because you’ve given your all to the day, making sure to expend every moment possible to giving those you’ve encountered a little bit of your light!

So reward yourself with kindness and gentle words!  Think carefully about the words you say to the person within you and be nice to her (or him because guys can struggle with themselves too)!

Take a selfie, laugh at the movie, savor the chocolate, but most of all save a little of that love you freely give for yourself!



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