Loving The Skin We’re In

Now my post today isn’t going to be a long one, but it is going to be important, so please make sure you read  to the end!  As women, we often struggle with loving our bodies. I know I certainly do, but I want to remind you that you were made with purpose and every inch of you fulfills that purpose each day.

The wrinkles on your face are for all the smiles and encouragement you’ve shared.  The “extra pounds” you put on over the holidays are from enjoying the food and people who’ve been baked with love! The exhaustion you feel at night is because you’ve given your all to the day, making sure to expend every moment possible to giving those you’ve encountered a little bit of your light!

So reward yourself with kindness and gentle words!  Think carefully about the words you say to the person within you and be nice to her (or him because guys can struggle with themselves too)!

Take a selfie, laugh at the movie, savor the chocolate, but most of all save a little of that love you freely give for yourself!



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