Seeing Your Essence

I love my clients.  I mean REALLY, REALLY love them.  DSC_0300

As a photographer, I get to see the very essence of each of you.  That magic and wonder which makes bw3you, simply put, YOU.  I get to capture the glisten in your eyes that expresses the love you feel, your compassion, the very foundations of how you were created.

Through these moments of connection, time stands still in the beautiful portraits we create together and as an artist I’m always excited to find new ways to celebrate these significant creations with you. DSC_0293b

Many of my clients have granted me the privilege of being with them through various stages of their lives.  Renae and Brian are a great example of just that.

Shooting your star moments!I met this adorable couple just a little less than two years ago and they told me the amazing story of how they fell in love over a song.  On our very first phone conversation, I immediately knew THIS was a couple I wanted to work with.

From their engagement photos, to boudoir, and their big day, they have allowed me into the most intimate places, their hearts.  So it was an honor for me to capture a lovely scene where they not only celebrated their 1st Anniversary, but also the big news of the expansion of their family.

I couldn’t be happier for them or any more grateful that they’ve shared it with me.  Congratulations to this beautiful couple and thank you for letting me be a special part of your family!DSC_0287b



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