Taking photographs of people, events, and places isn’t always an easy or thankful job.  You face the challenges of education, experience, time, and competition.  Which is why it’s important to LOVE what you do.  Not just in the “I don’t mind it” sense, but in a way that makes you want to reach for your camera at every moment you can.  That feeling overwhelms me daily and because of it, I constantly seek out ways I can use my skills and talents to help our community.

This Summer I will be working with a local group called Micah and the Moo as they raise money for Autism Awareness in the Pensacola area.   On June 25th I will be hosting Snapshot Saturday with a limited amount of mini-sessions with a large amount of the proceeds going directly to the group’s fundraising efforts for Steps for Autism in September.

With a choice of 2 themes and locations (based on time slots) these 20 Minute Appointments will include a 10 Image Private Viewing Gallery, a FREE 8×10, and Special Package Pricing.

A Session Fee of $30 and a portion of additional purchases will be paid directly to Micah and The Moo!

So if you’ve been waiting to update your family portrait, want to catch a few portraits of your little one’s new toothless smile, or just want a cute photo of you and your honey, schedule yours today and support a wonderful cause!



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