1554514_10204075278082840_7070623886639005223_nThere’s no secret I want to be YOUR portrait photographer.  What that means is I want to capture the moments that are truly unique so that you can save them as artistic memories.

A little about me (your photographer):  My experience isn’t limited to my current business.  I started as a portrait photographer with a retail portrait studio brand, quickly expanding my skills in order to become the district portrait trainer and then on to Assistant District Manager.

Briefly retiring my hat due to relocating, I found myself constantly being the photographer at events for family and friends.  This didn’t always quiet the need for snapping photos so occasionally I shot the local landscapes of Key West and then Jacksonville.

After accepting two other non-photography positions which seemingly kept me behind the lens, I decided photography was definitely something I enjoyed and needed to do more of.  So I purchased my very own Nikon and a few lenses and began shooting everything from children to beach waves.

I don’t only devote my hours to learning new techniques for lighting as well as photography styles, but I have a loving, energetic son and two precious pups that receive my attention.  Our family enjoys a variety of sports activities including soccer and basketball, skating, walks on the beach, movies, and pretty much anything to do with Zombies or Comics.

My motto is to make each of my customers feel uniquely special, like FAMILY.  For me, that means you should enjoy every aspect of your experience from first contact to receiving your prints.  I would love to capture the wonder and joy of your life!



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Great moments are like shooting stars, when the chance comes along to catch a glimpse of them, you just have to be ready!

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