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Portrait Hiccups


Do your holiday portraits leave you with headaches and nightmares?

Are you worried that your experience might leave you in tears?

Take a deep BREATH….and realize that you are not alone.  Many people worry about
how their portrait session will turn out and of those many nearly all of them get exactly what they wanted!

When we think of portraits we always have thoughts of a smooth process that includes perfect outfits, even tempered kids, hair that participates, and great weather.  A dreamy portrait day.  What happens more often than not is an ok outfit that we settled on, restless children, frizzy hair, or worse…RAIN.

As your photographer, it’s my job to make sure your portraits are beautiful and the best way I can do that is to reduce your stress about and during our appointment.  So here’s a few tips!

  1. Try to Schedule an appointment that doesn’t conflict with nap or meal times.  As a general rule of thumb I suggest feeding and napping should be done about 30 minutes before your appointment
  2. Bring snack for little ones.  Fruit snacks are easiest, but anything that can be dished out a little at a time, wont stain teeth or clothes, and makes them happy.
  3. Does your little one have a favorite toy they could be photographed with?  BRING IT.  We may have to take a few photos with their favorite ducky, but I promise it’ll be easier to get 1 or 2 without it.
  4. Dress comfortably.  We all want to look perfect, but believe me when I say, it’s not worth it if you or your family is miserable in their outfit because it ALWAYS shows up in the face.
  5. Account for soothing times if you have a baby.  Trust me, when you tell me you have a toddler, infant, or newborn, I plan for time cushions.
  6. BREATHE.  Again, it’s my job to make this a pain-free event so don’t worry, I’ll do everything I can to make it just that, but if things are going south too quickly (trust me I can tell) we’ll do what we can to reschedule you and try again.

Enjoy the process, because hey, we’re making memories turn into art!




Starting The End Of 2016

This year has been BUSY.  People always say that because honestly LIFE is busy.

It may not seem like it in the moment, but those moments add up to create the legacy of your memories.  As your photographer, I highly encourage you to leave a legacy of memories full with love, laughter, and compassion.

Most of all, don’t forget to document that legacy in photos, journals, and night time storytelling.

Happy Holidays.

Belle or Bruin

He was a funny, bearded Boston transplant and a huge Bruins fan.  She was the quietly cool, artistic type who knew the words to every Disney song and openly admitted Belle from Beauty and the Beast was who she identified with most.

Who knew that all it would take was a song for their lives to change and I’d be there to capture every magical moment.

Now this beautiful family is celebrating their future edition and you  can only wonder what their precious bundle will be!

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Congratulations to my favorite couple!


Schedule your maternity, gender reveal, or newborn portraits today and let’s share the magic together!

What not to wear….

“So what should we wear?” From the conversations I have with other photographers, this is probably the most popular question clients have.  Especially, during the warmer summer months.

Of course, I would love to be the free spirit and say you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but I know better. Sometimes what makes people feel most “comfy” just wont photograph well.   So before you grab your favorite sweats or that oversized t-shirt let’s talk about the things that look and feel good for your portraits.

Comfort is key!

I know, I know, but just because your husband loves that very faded band tee with the torn neck from 1981 doesn’t mean it should be what he wears for your family portraits.  There is a way to be super casual and still look complimentary though.

Think modern tees for the entire family with themes that compliment each other.  For example, if you’re thinking of wearing your favorite Captain America try to style the family with similar themed shirts that don’t compete in color scheme or style.

Find your Color Palate.

Alternatively, if you’re a little more straight laced and want to be casual in a “buttoned- up” kind of way, think vibrant colors that don’t overpower the focal point of the session, YOU.

Colors such as coral, butter yellow, minty greens, and soft aquas are great for summer portraits on the beach.  When using these pallets, consider picking outfits that coordinate rather than being identical.

I love finding patterned outfits for the kids that coordinate with mom and dad using solid colors that highlight the picture.  Remember the key is to look “put together” without being overdone.

Think the time of day.

Let’s face it, we live in Pensacola and it’s hot most of the year, but during summer months the added humidity turns the blazing furnace of a sun all the way up, making it much harder to enjoy beach sessions mid-day.  Though I normally recommend against mid-day beach sessions, you should still consider this when selecting wardrobe.

Being overheated can make anyone cranky and frustrated (side note: be sure to hydrate and eat before your session no matter the time of day).  Having heavy, restrictive apparel only makes it worse.
So when you’re planning, think breathable, fabrics with movement.

Don’t forget location.

There are so many beautiful places and themes for portrait appointments, but the thing to keep in mind is the level of uniqueness you want your photos to have.  Think about your location and how you can use patterns or flowy fabrics to bring your images to life.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to have fun with your wardrobe.  Let it reflect your personality and what you want your portraits to look like.

So whether it’s engagement portraits, welcoming your new addition, or updating your family pictures, let’s schedule your unique portrait session today!

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“The Voice Of The Sea Speaks To The Soul.”

One of the most beautiful sites in Pensacola are the beaches.  Regardless what side of town you live on, a sandy waterfront view is just a short drive away.

This is one of the things that makes our area an attraction to visit and a desirable place to live.   Beaches aren’t just a great place to bask in the wonderful Florida rays.  They can also be places of great peace.

Some days  listening to the Emerald waves crash against platinum sandy beaches is all it takes to relieve your soul of the rough ride of life.  So take a moment to enjoy a blissful moment on your way home and let it wash away the worries of the day.

While you’re at it, schedule your own serene beach session today!

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Every birthday is a milestone.  A celebration of life and turning 30 is no less significant so why not have fun with it? Besides who said smash cake session have to be just for kids!

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Did you know that portrait appointments can be for any theme or special moment?  Schedule your unique themed appointment today and remember that life is about enjoying the cake as much as the cherry on top!