Voyage To Joy

“To learn to play, seriously, is one of the great secrets of spiritual exploration.”~ Rachel Pollack

Children are natural explorers. They see things with fresh, uninhibited eyes that savor and revisit their experiences often.  Working with these little adventurers reminds me that even though I have lived a while, I am not always living.  As an adult, I often forget what it means to just be in the moment and especially, how to re-visit those moments of sheer joy.

The little ones I work with and others who are in my life, remind me that life is a quest, but not one which the final destination is most important.  This voyage is more about the steps, the inventing and reinventing yourself as you connect with others on similar paths.

So push yourself with open eyes.  Smile at the gifts around you and enjoy the view as you climb the mountains of life.

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Taking photographs of people, events, and places isn’t always an easy or thankful job.  You face the challenges of education, experience, time, and competition.  Which is why it’s important to LOVE what you do.  Not just in the “I don’t mind it” sense, but in a way that makes you want to reach for your camera at every moment you can.  That feeling overwhelms me daily and because of it, I constantly seek out ways I can use my skills and talents to help our community.

This Summer I will be working with a local group called Micah and the Moo as they raise money for Autism Awareness in the Pensacola area.   On June 25th I will be hosting Snapshot Saturday with a limited amount of mini-sessions with a large amount of the proceeds going directly to the group’s fundraising efforts for Steps for Autism in September.

With a choice of 2 themes and locations (based on time slots) these 20 Minute Appointments will include a 10 Image Private Viewing Gallery, a FREE 8×10, and Special Package Pricing.

A Session Fee of $30 and a portion of additional purchases will be paid directly to Micah and The Moo!

So if you’ve been waiting to update your family portrait, want to catch a few portraits of your little one’s new toothless smile, or just want a cute photo of you and your honey, schedule yours today and support a wonderful cause!


Family Is Important

Family means different things based on who you are.  In mixed groups, personal definitions could mean anything from direct blood relatives to those whom you’ve acquired unique, close bonds with.

For me, the both are true.  Growing up in a military home, I learned first hand that limiting “family” to just genetics doesn’t always work.  Sometimes you have to rely on those who’ve earned your trust by being committed to the mutual success of all involved.  They start off as friends, but gradually through motivational words and inspiring acts, prove to be much more.

Now as an adult serving families similar to my own, I see the struggle of families (especially military ones) even more clearly.  Remaining united and strong happens with constant communication, plans for visits, and (thanks to technology) video chatting.  So as you like that IG post, watch the latest Snap, or “react” to the last Facebook message, remember family is important no matter how you define it.

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Motherly Love

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“A mother’s love for her children is like nothing else in the world.  It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”~ Agatha Christie

Motherhood is more than just biology.  It’s the true definition of unselfish love and commitment to another human being.  A mother; whether by birth, adoption, or adaptation will be there for you when you’re right or wrong.  Doing everything to protect you from the harshness from the world, but also forcing you to grow when it’s uncomfortable because it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t forget to celebrate the arms that held you when the shadows creeped up on you and your nightlight didn’t work, the words that encouraged you when the disappointments of this world tried to hold you down,  and the tough love that corrected you when you just didn’t do the right thing.

I salute all mother’s today.  Your efforts of love are not ignored.

When You’re Busy….

“If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?”

I may not know who coined that quote, but for me it’s oh-so true.  With so many things changing and “Life” in general happening being busy has new meaning and I’ve started evaluating what I agree to more  uniquely.

Even though saying “No” to things whether it’s because they aren’t really my style or due to time constraints is something I’m doing more often, I’m still finding my calendar decorated with so many things I’ve said “Yes” to.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it does equate to late nights, but hey, I like a good challenge.

After taking a vacation and enjoying myself soaking the rays and waves of Hawaii, the term “late nights” really hit home, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since being back, I’ve shot a wedding, community events, families, and started planning my next endeavors.  So I guess being “busy” is definitely worth it when it’s for something you love.

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Love Is

I’ve had the opportunity and fortune of celebrating all kinds of events for many of my clients.  Birthdays, new babies, engagements, and weddings.  I could never say what my favorite is, but the uniqueness of every event keeps me coming for back for more.

Especially weddings.  They certainly take a lot of work and effort to pull off a bride and groom’s vision, but capturing the memories of two hearts making the conscious decision to become one is definitely a moment to be cherished.

Let me be there to capture your next special moment!  Packages are available for every celebration, call 207-632-7701.

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Starting Fresh

Spring is finally here and with it, flowers are in bloom, plants are birthing their seasonal emerald beauty, and milestones are being celebrated.

Just like this adorable little cutie.  Not only is she celebrating the arrival of the season, she is also celebrating her 1st birthday (which was on St. Patrick’s Day, how green can you get right!)

Her adorable little smile really lit up our portrait session.

If your little or not so little one is celebrating a birthday, graduation, or just likes to have fun, schedule their own themed portrait appointment today!

Great moments are like shooting stars, when the chance comes along to catch a glimpse of them, you just have to be ready!