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Belle or Bruin

He was a funny, bearded Boston transplant and a huge Bruins fan.  She was the quietly cool, artistic type who knew the words to every Disney song and openly admitted Belle from Beauty and the Beast was who she identified with most.

Who knew that all it would take was a song for their lives to change and I’d be there to capture every magical moment.

Now this beautiful family is celebrating their future edition and you  can only wonder what their precious bundle will be!

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Congratulations to my favorite couple!


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“The Voice Of The Sea Speaks To The Soul.”

One of the most beautiful sites in Pensacola are the beaches.  Regardless what side of town you live on, a sandy waterfront view is just a short drive away.

This is one of the things that makes our area an attraction to visit and a desirable place to live.   Beaches aren’t just a great place to bask in the wonderful Florida rays.  They can also be places of great peace.

Some days  listening to the Emerald waves crash against platinum sandy beaches is all it takes to relieve your soul of the rough ride of life.  So take a moment to enjoy a blissful moment on your way home and let it wash away the worries of the day.

While you’re at it, schedule your own serene beach session today!

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Voyage To Joy

“To learn to play, seriously, is one of the great secrets of spiritual exploration.”~ Rachel Pollack

Children are natural explorers. They see things with fresh, uninhibited eyes that savor and revisit their experiences often.  Working with these little adventurers reminds me that even though I have lived a while, I am not always living.  As an adult, I often forget what it means to just be in the moment and especially, how to re-visit those moments of sheer joy.

The little ones I work with and others who are in my life, remind me that life is a quest, but not one which the final destination is most important.  This voyage is more about the steps, the inventing and reinventing yourself as you connect with others on similar paths.

So push yourself with open eyes.  Smile at the gifts around you and enjoy the view as you climb the mountains of life.

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Family Is Important

Family means different things based on who you are.  In mixed groups, personal definitions could mean anything from direct blood relatives to those whom you’ve acquired unique, close bonds with.

For me, the both are true.  Growing up in a military home, I learned first hand that limiting “family” to just genetics doesn’t always work.  Sometimes you have to rely on those who’ve earned your trust by being committed to the mutual success of all involved.  They start off as friends, but gradually through motivational words and inspiring acts, prove to be much more.

Now as an adult serving families similar to my own, I see the struggle of families (especially military ones) even more clearly.  Remaining united and strong happens with constant communication, plans for visits, and (thanks to technology) video chatting.  So as you like that IG post, watch the latest Snap, or “react” to the last Facebook message, remember family is important no matter how you define it.

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Love Is

I’ve had the opportunity and fortune of celebrating all kinds of events for many of my clients.  Birthdays, new babies, engagements, and weddings.  I could never say what my favorite is, but the uniqueness of every event keeps me coming for back for more.

Especially weddings.  They certainly take a lot of work and effort to pull off a bride and groom’s vision, but capturing the memories of two hearts making the conscious decision to become one is definitely a moment to be cherished.

Let me be there to capture your next special moment!  Packages are available for every celebration, call 207-632-7701.

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Spring is just around the corner and I’m ready for the smell of fresh grass after a warm rain, but  more than the vivid fragrance of blooming petals, I’m longing for the laughter of portrait sessions.

Yes, Spring is my favorite season, new things 10491075_10207477972961995_1954836115500218943_npushing forth from the ashes of those past.  It’s also a booming time for family and children’s portraits.

This year’s first Spring portraits are from a family that was a joy to meet.  Full of energy these amazing children floated around allowing me to capture some of the sweetest moments between mother and child as well as brother and sister.

12790832_10207477971881968_3187531934539535858_nStill not sure how you want to welcome the season?  Let’s create something beautiful together!  Now scheduling colorful, fun portrait appointments; perfect for Spring!



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Seeing Your Essence

I love my clients.  I mean REALLY, REALLY love them.  DSC_0300

As a photographer, I get to see the very essence of each of you.  That magic and wonder which makes bw3you, simply put, YOU.  I get to capture the glisten in your eyes that expresses the love you feel, your compassion, the very foundations of how you were created.

Through these moments of connection, time stands still in the beautiful portraits we create together and as an artist I’m always excited to find new ways to celebrate these significant creations with you. DSC_0293b

Many of my clients have granted me the privilege of being with them through various stages of their lives.  Renae and Brian are a great example of just that.

Shooting your star moments!I met this adorable couple just a little less than two years ago and they told me the amazing story of how they fell in love over a song.  On our very first phone conversation, I immediately knew THIS was a couple I wanted to work with.

From their engagement photos, to boudoir, and their big day, they have allowed me into the most intimate places, their hearts.  So it was an honor for me to capture a lovely scene where they not only celebrated their 1st Anniversary, but also the big news of the expansion of their family.

I couldn’t be happier for them or any more grateful that they’ve shared it with me.  Congratulations to this beautiful couple and thank you for letting me be a special part of your family!DSC_0287b