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Voyage To Joy

“To learn to play, seriously, is one of the great secrets of spiritual exploration.”~ Rachel Pollack

Children are natural explorers. They see things with fresh, uninhibited eyes that savor and revisit their experiences often.  Working with these little adventurers reminds me that even though I have lived a while, I am not always living.  As an adult, I often forget what it means to just be in the moment and especially, how to re-visit those moments of sheer joy.

The little ones I work with and others who are in my life, remind me that life is a quest, but not one which the final destination is most important.  This voyage is more about the steps, the inventing and reinventing yourself as you connect with others on similar paths.

So push yourself with open eyes.  Smile at the gifts around you and enjoy the view as you climb the mountains of life.

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Every Kiss Begins With….

DSC_0300So you’ve found the perfect person to spend your life with and you’re ready to get married!  That’s great news, but what about everything else?

DSC_0794From picking the perfect dress, tux, shoes, rings, and venue, there are so many things to do, it can be massively overwhelming (at least there’s cake tasting right!)  Of all the things on your checklist, picking a photographer should be the easiest.

Your wedding day should a beautiful, stress-free celebration of the consummation of love.  It should ring in the newest era of your relationship, solidifying what you and your mate have been building over time and of course you should have pictures of every memory made at this amazing party, but that is not always the case. DSC_0768

Unfortunately, photography is actually something a lot of couples choose to skimp over until the last minute.  If time has taught me anything, it’s that this can be a huge mistake.  Yes, your family and friends will have their camera phones or quick shot cameras to grab what they think will be ok pictures for Facebook or Twitter, but will these be the portraits you want to hang on your wall or post on your desk.

DSC_0289 Even better will these photos be a good enough quality to create a beautiful album with which you can truly cherish your memories and let’s not forget the fact that your guests should be enjoying your nuptial celebration as much as you are, RIGHT?

Having a photographer (or two) there for your sacred and most intimate moment as a couple takes the stress and chaos away from worrying about great quality portraits.  Even more so, having a professional who you’ve communicated your vision with is even better.  Your photographer will not only be more of a portrait historian to help you recap the every unique moment over and over again, but they will also be able to keep things moving along for you (if you’ve taken the time to explain your wish list with them).

Now, you definitely don’t want to pick just any photographer.  Talk to a few, find out their training, experience, and prices as well as get to know them through their portrait style.  Then have a conversation and see if this photographer is the right fit. DSC_0166

The right photographer should make you feel important since this is your big day.  You should know that your wedding is as much of a priority to him or her as it is to you and they understand your expectations.   Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions about their policies or verbalize what you expect.  Trust me your photographer will appreciate this.

If mother/daughter portraits are or a little bridal boudoir are on your wish list, but preparatory snaps are not, explain this so your portrait artist can capture more of the moments that are more significant.  If you need a little help keeping your brother’s, best friend’s sister out of the family only portraits, take the time to express this so on your big day your photographer is ready for the DSC_0062hard moments of politely explaining their “time is limited and they have special requests from YOU their client that must be fulfilled, but your guests will have plenty of time during the reception to snap selfies with you” (YES, this does happen).

By talking about the key points and possible challenges you’ll face on your big day, the right photographer will be ready to help guide you through the big day and minimize the things that might slow down your progression from engaged to wed.

hha0kpnR9gI8T3Wr-Qey-TUkgTkGEesrHHF_m6nP0x4So breath deeply knowing that from bridal party brunch to the first dance, having a trusted, professional photographer there for you  will be one of the best decisions you’ve made  AND while you’re looking at photographers keep me in mind.

My bridal packages start at $700 and are perfect for nearly any budget!

Deme Star

The Kindness Challenge

When was the last time you took pictures? If you’re like me, it wasn’t that long ago as I was practicing facial expressions in this morning’s “selfie adventure” lol. Chances are though, that you are among the more common side of the population who generally avoid personal photos for as long as they can.Shooting your star moments!

Far more frequently as adults we opt to avoid the photographic opportunities we seek to capture. Thinking that the moment, perfectly framed, frozen in time is better in some way without our presence. I hear the excuses all the time; “not today”, “let me get dolled up first”, “I want to loose a couple of pounds” or “I just don’t like how I look in pictures” we opt to remove our countenance from joys of today with the hope that tomorrow will be different.

And yes, tomorrow will be different, but the moments will be gone. With every excuse, we keep ourselves out of the visual archives of family history that our children will return to and share for generations to come. The photos they will use to describe who we are and our roles to their children will be left to just words.Shooting your star moments!
Not to mention, the idea that in denying ourselves these opportunities, we are also in a way saying that there is something lacking in who we are.

As a woman, I know that being self-conscious about my appearance can be a difficult struggle, but as a mom, I know that to my son, I AM PERFECT. He doesn’t care if I’m wearing makeup or in my pj’s, he thinks I’m beautiful and if he’s like me, he will always think his mom is beautiful. Our families are not looking to see the latest styles or the skinniest version of our physical selves. They want to enjoy the memories of love in our eyes and bliss in our smiles.

So whether you want to loose a few pounds or need a tan or don’t like your freckles; take your mind off those things and put yourself out there any way. Take your mind off what you think are imperfections and allow them to be the things that make you beautiful!

Today is random acts of kindness day and I challenge each of you to be kind to yourself!Shooting your star moments!

Remember: “you may not be perfect, but you are an original, limited edition!”~author unknown